Virtual Teams Management

ZF_eLearning - Managementul echipelor virtuale - Liviu MihaileanuLanguage: Romanian
Original title: “Managementul Echipelor Virtuale”
Publisher: Mediafax Group
Produced: 2014

This online course is addressed to team leaders, project managers, directors or anyone who’s entrusted with a project involving online team work.  The course can also be followed by people who assist managers involved in managing virtual teams or who are preparing for such a career move.

It includes topics such as:

  • Fayol and Nehemiah: a paradigm shift
  • How to develop your team?
  • Establishing trust 
  • Process and tools: work process and reporting, social technologies 
  • Team communication
  • Approaching conflicts
  • Motivation, rewards and recognition
  • What does Wikipedia and Tom Sawyer have to do with it?
  • The secret of computer games

Details and registration:


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Authored by Liviu Mihaileanu