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Lobbyists are taking a chance on self regulation

Lobbyiştii scot asul din mânecă – Forbes (8-21 martie 2010)

Last year I published an article in Forbes where I stated that the next step lobbyists are going to take in Romania, in order to avoid a lobbying law, will be to announce a self regulation initiative. Recently, during a conference dedicated to assessing the opportunity of a lobbying law in Romania, one of the lobbyists publicly announced that a voluntary registry of lobbying activities is going to be open by lobbyists themselves.

How will this make lobbying more transparent and why do lobbyists prefer self regulation instead of a law with similar conditions?

Possible answers in the attached article (Romanian only). Download a PDF version from here.


Forbes: Demystifying lobbying, a required amendment for a moral injustice

Romanian readers may find useful the following resource on the subject of lobbying:

Forbes Romania published one of my articles on lobbying. Following the results of Rywin’s case in Poland, I focused on stating the difference between lobbying and traffic of influence and the necessity of lobby regulation in Romania.

You may read the article, in Romanian, in PDF format:
“Demystifying lobbying, a required amendment for a moral injustice”, Forbes Romania, No. 18, 16-28 November 2009