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• in accredited journals such as Financial Audit Journal (Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors), The Law Journal (Romanian Jurists’ Union) or Public Law Journal (Institute of Administrative Sciences);
• in other journals such as Forbes, Business Week, Capital, Money Magazine, HR Manager, Romanian Business Digest, Ziarul Financiar or Market Watch.

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The condition of children
under Romania’s Child Protection System

The condition of children under Romania’s Child Protection System

On paper, Romania’s Child Protection System offers a child temporary intervention until they are reintegrated into their biological family, or placed in an adoptive family. In reality, this “temporary intervention” usually lasts until they become an adult. For these children, who cannot be reintegrated into their biological family, their path to adoption is made especially difficult by exaggerated laws, described in this report.

In recent years some of Romania’s adoption laws have been improved; but these improvements are usually ignored at the local level and we suspect that priority may be given to keeping children in the system based on the miniscule rate of adoptability for institutionalized children (only 1.5%).



Lobbying in Romania

Authors: Liviu Mihaileanu, Dana Oancea and Aurelian Horja
Language: English and Romanian
Publisher: Forum for International Communications
Date published: 25 January 2012

The research provides useful information about mechanisms, tools, successful approaches, but also the shortcomings and errors of the local lobbying. The research followed a 360-degree coverage, by investigating all three dimensions of lobbying: the public view (vox populi), the initiators (lobbyists) and decision makers (politicians). The study is based on responses from 865 respondents, representative for the three dimensions explored.

The research was initiated and implemented by Forum for International Communications through PR Romania portal, between February and December 2011, with support from GfK Romania for the “vox populi” dimension. The authors of the research methodology and the report are Liviu Mihăileanu, Dana Oancea and Aurelian Horja.

“GfK Romania is glad to contribute to the emergence of the first study about lobbying practices in Romania. I think the present research will soon become the reference guide of lobbyists and those who want to understand the role of lobbying in a democratic society. Finally, the study will transform the way Romanians relate to the concept of lobbying,” said Andi Dumitrescu, General Director GfK Romania.



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Authored by Liviu Mihaileanu