Lobbying regulation.
Inside the antechamber of influence

Authors: Liviu Mihaileanu and Aurelian Horja
Language: Romanian
Original title: “Reglementarea activităţii de lobby. În aticamera influenţei”
Publisher: C.H. Beck
Date published: 23 October 2009
ISBN: 978-973-115-623-1

Criticized or praised, done well or less well, lobbying was part of the life of any society whatever name it carried. The book aims to demystify lobbying occult nature, favored by superficial knowledge of this activity and the prejudices about the possibility to legally influence the legislative decisions.

“The book brings some needed clarifications and overcomes some of the mystification and smoke curtains that some want to maintain regarding the informal nature of lobbying in Romania. The book is especially useful as it describes the conditions under which such a regulation should be adopted and offers relevant information on the local lobbying activities compared against the European practice. I hope that our legislators will benefit from all the experience, expertise and research gathered in this book in order to provide a proper lobbying environment in Romania”, said Mr. Vasile Iuga, Managing Partner of PwC Romania

Book site:
Order from: C.H. Beck website


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Authored by Liviu Mihaileanu