What’s your city of opportunity?

For a long time I considered London as the city I would’ve enjoyed living in. Some things have changed in the meantime but I was not prepared for the “test” I’ve taken today:

cities of opportunity 2014 interactive modeler results

Also  London finished first in technology readiness, economic clout, and city gateway – all measures of its stature as a thriving center of the world economy, it seams that, according to my own criteria, my city of opportunity is Stockholm. Somehow I doubt, however, that I would adapt to the climate…

I’ve modeled my result out of a recently published PwC research – Cities of Opportunity 2014. It includes 30 cities, selected by criteria such as: cities which are capital market centers, represent a broad geographic sampling, and comprise both mature and emerging economies. The cities are measured across 10 indicators constructed with a robust sampling of 59 variables.

In case you want to model your own chart according to your own criteria, you can do it here.



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