An ever changing knowledge management service

I attended yesterday a conference organised in Bucharest by the Wall Street Journal on the topic of „HR 2.0 – How organisations are transforming in the new economy” and it proved to be the first opportunity to speak outside PwC about the Knowledge Management service I’m coordinating across Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

I presented the project as an example of how to manage a virtual service to better serve the knowledge management needs of our consultants. I talked about the way we manage change in our team, our secondments and HR outsourcing via other PwC Shared Delivery Centres. The challenges of such a service are extreme:

  • High volume of data (internal and external);
  • Dynamic team based on secondments;
  • Virtual networking and performing across the region on a daily basis as we are in the same office;
  • IT infrastructure highly secured with global coverage.

If I look back to how this service worked and how it does now, even if there is consistent and permanent change management, the benefits are also extreme, from many points of view:

  • Cost savings by efficiently managing capacity;
  • Secondees get back to local territories with international experience and can use that on the benefit of the local firms;
  • Motivation is always high;
  • Always a fresh perspective.

You may find here the slides of my presentation. Among the other invited speakers, there was the Managing Partner of Tiffin University, the Managing Partner of Lugera & Makler and the HR Director of Orange Romania.


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