Benchmark your security programs against your peers

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In 2011, economic uncertainty continued to impact the security programmes of many organisations. The effects of a recovering economy converged with strong confidence in the efficacy of security programmes to create an environment in which security practices are often weakened. As a result, organisations have become vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated threats to information security, with potentially harmful consequences to businesses across industries and across the globe.

I believe we all understand that information security can make or break the success of business goals and competitive advantage. As a result, many of the organisations today are taking a hard look at what’s needed to design, implement and manage an effective information security programme, one that addresses today’s evolving business practices and heightened security threats.

PwC, in conjunction with CIO and CSO magazines, carried out a global survey of more than 9,300 security and business executives from February 1 to April 15, 2012. The survey examined how executives viewed the scope and efficacy of their security policies, strategies and technologies. To gauge how you stack up against your peers, you may use their custom tool to benchmark your organisation’s security profile. Once you have entered your responses, you can create a customized PDF file that explores how your views compare with others, with insights from PwC’s Security Advisory team.

Compare your security profile against The Global State of Information Security Survey 2013 results


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