Where are the biggest opportunities for business and government to work together?

As companies globalise, they face a growing body of diverse and complex regulations. The global regulatory environment is changing faster than companies can absorb. This is why CEOs consistently report overregulation as a threat to business growth. And it’s not getting any easier; according to the CEO Survey, only 31% of CEOs believe that regulations will be harmonised among governments. However, the successes of the private and public sectors are increasingly intertwined. Effective partnership models are emerging around the world, ranging from improved communication and better coordination to true collaboration, depending on the market.

71% of CEOs plan to increase investment in an area they also believe is one of the government’s top-three priorities: developing a skilled workforce. And increasingly, governments are making this a top priority. Countries as well as companies are competing for talent, and some governments are investing a lot to make their workforces more competitive. For example, the Singapore government partnered with a local university to launch a talent development programme, bringing together professional services firms, universities and business schools.

Workforce skilling is just one area of focus. Intellectual property, health care, energy, infrastructure, immigration, tax, financial sector convergence… these are major areas in which leaders from both public and private sector organisations say they can work together more effectively to achieve common goals.


2 thoughts on “Where are the biggest opportunities for business and government to work together?”

  1. I don’t think goverments can work with the private sector without the interference of corruption. Private sector will always want more money and governemnts have the big bets. There will always be a presure here.

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