“Business Management” month-end statistics: “Managing IT costs during crisis,” most popular article as ranked by weblog counters

The “Business Management” weblog has been alive for a month so I looked over month-end statistics: 2,165 visitors belonging to the business community, mainly LinkedIn and Xing members. During the month I published 21 articles on 11 categories and the most popular ones, as ranked by readers’ views are:

1. Managing IT costs during crisis: four suggestions on how to generate revenue growth that exceed traditional cost-cutting – 260 views
2. Five trends that will shape business technology in 2009 and five tips for a successful CIO during crisis – 222 views
3. A glimpse of recent economic history: the wake of the global financial crisis – 167 views
4. Values are proven during crisis – 158 views
5. Global opportunities of crisis – 143 views

Among the most read articles, I should also mention:
IBM to acquire Sun for $6.5bn in cash; the two companies account for two-thirds of the global market of high-end servers – 136 views
Social Private Partnerships: innovation in public service delivery – 113 views
McKinsey: only 45% of companies say they will decrease their marketing spending in the next 12 months – 102 views

Articles published on “Business Management” have been quoted by itfinance.net, http://www.newsandreviews.in, profsergiojr.wordpress.com as well as by other websites and weblogs.


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