Oracle declares first-ever quarterly dividend of 5 cents per share; revenues climbed 2% to $5.5bn, ahead of expectations

Companies’ spending to handle extensively growing business data helped Oracle to actually grow during the economic downturn. Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) announced fiscal 2009 Q3 GAAP earnings per share were $0.26, up 3% compared to last year. Third quarter GAAP total revenues were up 2% to $5.5 billion, while quarterly GAAP net income was down 1% to $1.3 billion. Also, GAAP operating cash flow on a trailing12 month basis was $8.5 billion, up 17%. However, Oracle predicted that the weaker economy and currency effects would leave its revenues from new software licences in the next quarter 17-27% lower than a year before, with overall revenues down 10-14%.

Over the last five years Oracle Corporation consistently outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average index. As of last close on March 19 2009, Oracle closed at 17.37, 25.87% above the 52 week low of 13.80 set on March 09, 2009.


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